Just Juice

Our Just Juice brand stands for purity in Juicing. The brand emanated from a desire to provide organic whole fruit based juices in a market filled with processed and super processed drinks.

Just Juice is made whole directly from fruits, using the finest fully mature and carefully selected sun ripe organic fruits from farms in the well-watered regions of Ghana which has been known to produce the best of fruits in the world.

Once harvested, fruits are delivered to our processing facility within 12 hours for further processing and sorting to get the best quality and ripeness from each harvest. This ensures we capture the full essence of flavour for each fruit for your savouring pleasure. Each bottle of Just Juice is packed with lots of naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fruit fibre.

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Just Juice - Honeycomb Foods
Just Bissap - Honeycomb Foods

Just Bissap

Bissap is an age old shrub largely grown in the northern parts of the West African region with magical qualities. These include its high level of antioxidants, high levels of polyphenols (known to posses’ anti-cancer properties), ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels amongst others.

Our Just Bissap brand is set to bring our clients the immense health benefits of the Bissap leaves infused with whole fruit juices and select spices.

Every bottle of Just Bissap provides a special blend of carefully selected varieties of choice bissap leaves brewed over 12 hours using an old age family recipe that allows for the infusion of whole fruit juices and spices to give a rich, dark and flavourful blend.

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